Habitat 67’s Cubic Theme

Habitat 67

Habitat 67

This building was built for Expo 67, but still remains as individual condos. The cube is the symbolism of this building.

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6 Responses
  1. I wonder what’s the monthy rent…

  2. Gunn White says:

    it looks like some “unique” buildings I have seen in Rotterdam/ Holland.
    Is it a popular place to live??

  3. JJacks says:

    They seem to be quite popular and fancy! So likely very expensive. The other side of the buildings would have a view of the river too. I think I know the buildings you mean in Rotterdam. I was there once with a friend, and just saw them online again when I was looking for more information about these buildings. Are they yellow and made like diamonds (not squares) ?

  4. Gunn White says:

    Yes, they were yellow and had a cubic shape.
    I remember I payed a ticket for entering one, and it was quite strange and also fun!:-)

  5. leif hagen says:

    Fun foto – strange condos! Creative architecture!

  6. kaori says:

    that property is wild! would love to see the inside 🙂

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